Pure Glucosomine 100% - Joint Recovery & Protection

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Pure Glucosomine 100% - Joint Recovery & Protection

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Glucosamine is produced naturally and is a necessary requirement for the production of cartilage and healthy tissue. This pure product will help to maintain joint, tendon & ligament problems which maybe due to stress, age or injury.

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What Glucosamine 100% does.

  • Glucosamine is proven to be effective in treating osteoarthritic pain, repairing cartilage and renewing synovial fluid.
  • Glucosamine is also proven to repair joints that have been previously damaged by osteoarthritis.
  • Glucosamine supplements the growth and replacement of joints, tendons and ligaments.
  • Glucosamine prevents injury to joints in young and competition animals such as race horses and polo ponies.
  • Glucosamine has been shown to halt the progression of arthritis and relieves the associated pain.

What Glucosamine 100% contains.

  • Pure Glucosamine hydrochloride (Hcl): This comprises of smaller molecules than the cheaper Glucosamine sulphate. These smaller molecules are much more easily absorbed into the body giving a faster and more effective result. Glucosamine renews the supply of synovial fluid to the joint as well as helps rebuild cartilage.

Why buy Glucosamine 100%?

  • Our Glucosamine contains 100% Glucosamine Hcl, with no added fillers or unnecessary bulking agents. Our Glucosamine is clearly and comprehensively labelled.
  • Top racehorse trainers have noted a massive 50% reduction in joint injuries (especially hind joint) when using our glucosamine.

Nutritional Value Information:

Feed rate and advice: 

  • Between 6grams and 18 grams per day (see feed chart)
  • Where practical the recommended feed rate should be split between morning and evening feeds.
  • With the scoop provided the following feed rates can be applied. 

Pack Duration for 1 horse:

Feeding restrictions and limits –

  • There are no feeding restrictions or reported side effects 

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