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Welcome to ProSportive - Suppliers of Premium Equine Products

Founded in 2003 ProSportive is a manufacturer and supplier of horse feed supplements, owned and run by qualified chemists and horse owners. Our formulas have been developed with needs of the horse and rider at the forefront of our minds, ensuring that both horse and owner receive the most effective product at the right price.

Our range of premium Equine supplements have been developed using pharmaceutical grade Nutraceuticals to provide products with 100% active or 100% nutritional ingredients.

ProSportive feed supplements contain no unnecessary ingredients or bulking agents such as alfalfa or ground grain husks resulting in products which are 100% effective. All of our product contents are listed in detail on the labels of all of our products; if you are interested in understanding the function of the ingredients you can find a detailed glossary of the ingredients in the articles page.

  • Cortacoll 100%

    Cortacoll 100%

    This unique formula of Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Collagen and MSM also includes the smaller key isolates of Glucosamine and Chondroitin. These key isolates travel through the body reaching the affected or injured areas at a far greater rate, decreasing overall recovery time.

  • Hoof 100

    Hoof 100

    Hoof 100 is a scientifically formulated product which repairs damaged hooves, and provides the correct nutrient mix for the growth and maintenance of healthy hooves. It works in many different ways to both repair and maintain hooves in perfect condition.

  • Garlic Granules

    Garlic Granules

    Garlic is a natural anti-fungal plant known to be effective against bacteria, moulds and parasites. These high quality human grade garlic granules also support the cardio-vascular system. The horse’s digestive system can also benefit as garlic helps to maintain a healthy balance

  • Electrolytes


    Electrolytes are a crucial factor to optimise muscle function, fluid balance and rehydration. With intense training and prolonged activity, exercise, training, heat and humidity.

  • Chill


    ProSportive "Chill" helps reduce excitability and stress without detracting from the performance. Containing not only magnesium, but tryptophan and B vitamins this premium product will help reduce stress in all types if horses.

  • Pro-Power 100%

    Pro-Power 100%

    Pro-Power 100% helps build muscle, create top line, reduce fatigue and increase stamina. Horses that drop weight and find it difficult to build muscle, significantly improve when their diets are supplemented with Pro-Power.

  • Pure MSM

    Pure MSM

    Pure MSM is a natural form of bio-available sulphur which is vital for the building of joints, tendons and ligaments especially after injury. MSM will aid in general health, flexibility & mobility in both the performance & veteran horse.

  • Pure Glucosamine

    Pure Glucosamine

    Glucosamine is produced naturally and is a necessary requirement for the production of cartilage and healthy tissue. This pure product will help to maintain joint, tendon & ligament problems which maybe due to stress, age or injury.

  • Triflex 100%

    Triflex 100%

    Only pure active ingredients are packed into Triflex 100% to minimise clicking or stiff joints. Triflex 100% is a scientifically balanced formula of the 3 best nutraceutical products for healthy joint maintenance.

  • Apple Bites

    Apple Bites

    Deliciously nutritiousProSportive Apple Bites are a delicious and convenient complementary feedstuff to help train or reward your horse or pony. The safe, high fibre formulation makes them an ideal treat. They are naturally flavoured and extremely palatable.