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Sue Tideswell- Team Chase Rider

My horse Inching Brook, a 13yr old ex pointer/eventer, and now a top Team Chase horse, has had a slight stiffness in his offside quarter for the last few years, which always seemed worse in the cold weather. I put him on a joint supplement during the winter, which I thought did help, but could never be sure as I still needed to give him an occasional Bute after strenuous day hunting or team chasing.

Last winter I was asked to try ProSportive Triflex. At first I was not sure if the product was any better, but I did notice that I no longer needed to give him Bute after a hard day as he never seemed stiff the following day. During the summer I ran out of Triflex and did not bother to re-stock…like many of us Inch always feels much better with some sun on his back, and his summer workload is much lighter.

However, the Autumn Team Chase season began and Inch had a good run at the Belvoir, the team finishing a creditable fourth. But the next day he was so stiff that he was actually lame behind. At first I thought something was very seriously wrong, but then realised he had not had any joint supplement since the spring. I immediately put him back on the Triflex at the recommended treatment dose.

Within days he was much better and was able to run the following week at the Atherstone team chase, we stormed round to take second place, and an early 2011 championship place. The next day he trotted out sound as a pound with no sign of ant stiffness. I can only put this down to Triflex….I now believe that not all supplements are the same, and from now on he will stay on Triflex all year round!!

Georgina Priddey and Gino

I would like to say how wonderful your product is my 17hh warm blood was diagnosed with significant arthritic changes in his 5th and 6th joints in his neck, he was off work for five months and brought back into work very slowly, he has had Triflex now for 11 months and would you know he is back working and competing in affiliated elementary dressage, I thought at one point this time last year that he would only be able to hack or very light work, I am more than happy for him to stay at this level and that he has a happy and comfy life as he is my best mate and deserves the best thank you.

Vicki Drury

Hi. I just felt like I had to let you know about your product TRIFLEX. My welsh cob had been diagnosed with coffin joint arthritis 2 years ago plus and he suffered a bad injury to his suspensory ligament and tendon (a proper job!!) last April. I had almost given up on him being sound and least of all to be riding again! Since June this year he has been on the Triflex and after a week i could see he was more comfortable walking.

Since then he has had walking exercise and he is now able to go for an hour hack!! This is amazing as the vets said he would only ever be paddock sound!!

Thanks very much - I have my Rocky back!!! WONDERFUL PRODUCT!!!

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