Pure MSM 100% - Premium Flexibility

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Pure MSM 100% - Premium Flexibility

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Pure MSM is a natural form of bio-available sulphur which is vital for the building of joints, tendons and ligaments especially after injury. MSM will aid in general health, flexibility & mobility in both the performance & veteran horse.

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What MSM 100% does.

  • Sulphur is essential to all mammals for the formation of protein rich structures in their bodies. It is fundamental for the proper formation of collagen, a connective tissue protein essential for joint function.
  • MSM is one of the most bio-available forms of sulphur. Veterinary research, and that of nutritionists, has shown MSM to make a valid contribution to equine health care.
  • Many horses are chronically deficient in bio-available sulphur, due to single species grass grazing and the fact that sulphur can be leached from hay and haylage. Deficiency results in slower growth, repair and replacement of most of the horses tissues.
  • MSM can aid in strengthening connective tissue, helping joints and muscles to heal more rapidly. It assists in reducing inflammation, improving circulation and reducing pain.
  • MSM supplements the growth and replacement of bones, joints, tendons and ligaments especially after injury.
  • Aids general health, flexibility and mobility in the veteran horse, and addresses pain and stiffness related to arthritis.
  • MSM promotes excellent hoof, coat and skin condition.
  • Useful for the treatment and prevention of EIPH (exercise induced pulmonary haemorrhage) for horses that are ‘bleeders’.
  • Reduces airway obstruction (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and improves allergic reactions to dust and pollen.
  • Helps digestive tract conditions

What MSM 100% contains.

  • MSM ( Methyl Sulphonyl Methane): Found in all connective tissue in the body. It helps relieve pain, acts as an anti-inflammatory, and helps maintain agility and soundness.

Why buy MSM 100%? 

  • Only 100% pure MSM
  • Tried and tested across all equestrian disciplines

Nutritional Value Information:

Feed rate and advice:

  • Between 5grams and 30 grams per day (see feed chart)
  • Where practical the recommended feed rate should be split between morning and evening feeds.
  • With the scoop provided the following feed rates can be applied. 

Pack Duration for 1 horse:

Feeding restrictions and limits: 

  • There are no feeding restrictions or reported side effects 

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