Pro-Power 100% - Muscle Builder & Performance Booster.

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Pro-Power 100% - Muscle Builder & Performance Booster.

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Pro-Power 100% helps build muscle, create top line, reduce fatigue and increase stamina. Horses that drop weight and find it difficult to build muscle, significantly improve when their diets are supplemented with Pro-Power.

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What Pro-Power 100% Does.

  • Pro-power 100 helps to build muscle, create top line and increase stamina. It helps the older horse to maintain weight and improves muscle condition.
  • ProPower contains a premium blend of Creatine and DMG (Dimethyl Glycine) with no unnecessary bulking agents. Creatine is a “muscle fuel” that can be depleted during intense exercise. Supplementing the competition horse with Creatine significantly increases performance and muscle power.
  • DMG is a form of the Amino acid Glycine. DMG helps to maximise the oxygen uptake in the body, and ensures a quicker recovery time after exercise, by reducing the effects of muscle fatigue.
  • With ProPower you can be sure that the correct levels of Creatine and DMG have been formulated to maximum effect for the performance of your horse.

What Pro-Power 100% contains.

  • Creatine Monohydrate: Most of the Creatine in the body is found in skeletal muscle, where it exists as free Creatine, and as high energy Creatine phosphate. During the Anaerobic phase of muscular contraction s this ‘high energy phosphate’ reacts with ADP (adenosine di-phosphate the cellular fuel source for muscular contractions) to produce high levels of cellular energy.  Supplementation results in significant increase in the Creatine content of skeletal muscle and can delay the development of fatigue during maximal exercise
  • Dimethyl Glycine: Branch form of the amino acid Glycine, Reputed to boost athletic performance. Recent studies demonstrate that it lowers the levels of lactic acid in the blood, resulting in reduced post exercise stiffness. DMG also is used to enhance the immune system functioning.

Why buy Pro-Power 100%?

  • The perfect boost for performance horses in hard work, or the leisure horse that struggles to maintain weight. 

Nutritional Value Information:

Feed rate and advice:

  • Between 10 grams and 30 grams per day (see feed chart)
  • Where practical the recommended feed rate should be split between morning and evening feeds.
  • With the scoop provided the following feed rates can be applied. 

Pack Duration for 1 horse: