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Why does my horse need salt and how to give it to him?

Did you know that your horse needs salt all year round?

All animals and humans do. It’s a staple of every diet, and animals rely on it as much as we do to keep their systems in balance.

Salt is an electrolyte and one of its main functions is to attract and retain as well as balance out the fluids in the cells.  We read frequently about athletes are constantly striving to balance their electrolytes, and the issue is no different with horses, especially after exercise. When they sweat they loose their electrolytes, including salt so we need to ensure that there is an adequate supply to replenish it either in their food intake or another form.

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Care for senior horses

Horses have relatively long life spans, often living into the 30's, and many horses have productive careers into their 20's.
In many disciplines nowadays, horses are not considered to be in their prime until their teenage years, with many still competing at the very top of their sport into their late teens.
However, as with animals and people alike, additional care may be required as time goes on to keep the horse as healthy as possible in its senior years. We will talk about four issue to look out for.

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