Traditional Rules for Hunting!

Are you & your horse going to try your luck at a first days hunting? Well here are some of the hunting fraternity's traditional golden rules!

What to wear.
During Autumn hunting tweed jackets are traditionally worn, but during the main hunting season adults attire is mostly black or navy!
This is with exception for proper farming hill packs, who usually know what the weather can throw at them and go for the trusted waterproofs! 

To plait or not to plait?

Traditionally yes! Main hunting season everyone plaits, not so during Autumn hunting though. 
Once again this very much depends on who your hunting with, and you'll most likely find hard core farming Hill packs don't bother with such a time wasting job apart from on special occasions such as boxing day perhaps! 
Where as the Beaufort wouldn't be seen dead with fluffy manes on any day of the week!
If you hear "huntsman" "hounds please" or "whip please" get out of the way sharpish, because they are coming through and everyone is expected to move!


Ring the hunt secretary before hand and ask if you can come out for the day, where the meet is, where to park and how much the "cap" is. 
This is the fee you have to pay to be allowed to hunt, under 25's and landowners usually have good deals.

- On the day find them to pay your fee, they will be sure to find you if you don't! 
But as tradition goes, you are expected to find them.
- When you go through a gate shout "gate please" and if your last through the gate, make sure you shut it or risk being shot! 

- Never over take the field master, and certainly not the huntsman or risk being shot! 
If your horse kicks a hound (never say dog) you will definitely be shot!
- Always thank traffic that stops for you, and always speak to people when going through yards or've probably just galloped through their field!
- Don't park in people's entrances or gateways, even field gateways, the farmer may need to get into his field!
- Never turn down a free gulp of a hip flask, but in turn share yours after. 
- When you’re ready for home your are traditionally meant to find the field master/ master and say goodnight, even if it's 2pm.

Be polite, smile, make friends and have fun!


Posted on December 8, 2016 and filed under Advice, Events.